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Strengthen Your Imaging Diagnostics

We are your diagnostic partners, please help us help your patients. Submitting a NEW case request with diagnostic images is a two-step process.

Additional instructions for case submissions to prevent case report holds and delays.

Our board-certified veterinary specialists can only interpret the data they receive. Please ensure these critical steps are taken to acquire the best diagnosis. 

  1. First, submit the images to VitalRads via DICOM SEND from your imaging modality, workstation, or PACS. DICOM images are the preferred image type to be interpreted by our specialists. Emailing or attaching other image types (such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, or PDF) provides minimal image resolution and no image acquisition data to our specialists.

  2. Second, LOGIN to the VitalRads website and submit a NEW case request.

  3. Submit the case request on the same day that the images were taken. If not, please indicate the proper date that the images were acquired on.

  4. Verify the correct FIRST name and LAST name of the patient are on submitted images.

  5. Verify the patient name is correct on case request and matches submitted images. DO NOT USE OWNER’S FIRST NAME IN THE PATIENT NAME FIELD.

  6. Select correct modality from the drop-down list on case requests.

  7. Verify that the DICOM images have been sent to VitalRads’ server from your x-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI, or PACS.

  8. Submit a new case request if additional (new) images are taken.

  9. DO NOT submit a new case request if VitalRads requests you to “re-submit” the same images on the same case.

  10. If submitting images from the same patient on a previous case: Add up all images (old and new) and add the total to the case request. Please make a note in the private comment section of the case request to alert the specialist that older images are included with the new images.

  11. Image date indicated on case request must match the date on the images.

  12. Indicating the PATIENT’S first and last name on the images will ensure accuracy. The patient’s first and last name on the images must match the patient’s first and last name on the case requests.

  13. If not sending images via DICOM SEND; please attach JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, or PDF image files at the bottom of the case request. Do not click “submit” until all attached images have completed uploading. Attachment fees will apply.

  14. The number of images submitted (or attached) must match the number of images indicated on the case request.

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